How to wear salwar kameez to work

How to wear salwar kameez to work


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Salwar kameez is the most adorned outfit that can be worn anywhere. They are perfect for office wear, for casual wear, for party wear and for festive wear. You just need to pick the perfect outfit according to the type of occasion where you are going to wear your attire. 

Choose the fabric and type of design as per the event. For gatherings and casual wear, lightweight fabrics are preferable and for special occasions such as weddings and festivals, some rich fabrics like silk and jacquard are a perfect choice.   

Many women prefer to wear salwar suits at their workplace as the outfit gives them comfortable and fresh vibes. Printed attires are one of the most favourable dresses that are worn as office wear. You can try different styles of salwar suits for a stylish and fashionable look.

Let’s check out some of the stunning salwar suits that you can opt at work.

Palazzo Salwar Suit

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The most trending one nowadays is the palazzo salwar suit. They are popular due to their loose pattern. If you don’t like fitted clothes then this can be a perfect choice. Loose palazzo pants with a straight silhouette or a flared palazzo paired with a regular straight kameez and a dupatta will give you a decent look. Some asymmetrical kurtis with simple thin laces paired with these pants will give you a ravishing look. 

Pant Style Salwar Suit

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Straight narrow pants and a long kurti give you a graceful look. The pant can be plain or printed chosen as per the matching of the kurti to provide you a drastic look. Block prints or geometric prints are always a better choice to wear at workplaces. A check print kurti paired with a plain salwar and a matching dupatta is a fabulous pick. Floral prints also work well for professional parties or meetings. Just wear the perfect one and spread your flawless charm. 

Patiala Salwar Suit

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When it comes to something classic yet comfortable then no other outfit can match Punjabi salwar suits. A baggy salwar with several pleats at the thighs gives a playful and eye-catchy appeal to the outfit. These salwars are paired with knee-length kurtis having a simple neckline and long sleeves with some printed borders at the end of the sleeves and bottom of the kurti. This outfit made of cotton fabric is a pretty and classy pick to wear at work. 

Churidar Salwar Suit     

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For a slim and tall look, churidar salwar suits are always best. A fitted salwar that is loose from thighs and tight from knees to ankle making several wrinkles or churis at the ankle makes a classy churidar salwar. It can be paired with any stylish kurti that is long, straight or flared giving an effective look when worn. A pastel colour printed salwar suit is an awesome selection for a delightful look. Wear the outfit with grace giving some fashion goals to others at your workplace.

You can opt for many more stylish salwar suits and look like a fashionista at your office. Get a pair of ravishing salwar suits from the market or search for wholesale salwar kameez at online stores. Shopping online has become a better option rather than roaming and wasting time in the markets. You can get a variety of colour options and fabric choices online. The latest designs and patterns can be found here, you just need to choose the correct one.   

Favourable Fabrics

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Women always cherish soft and fluffy fabrics so that they can wear attire comfortably from morning to night. Every fabric has its own characteristics and if you are looking for a fresh feel then here is a list of fabrics that will be helpful for you. 

Cotton: When it comes to comfort then no other fabric can match cotton. The bright colours and ability to control moisture makes it the most admired material. The fabric is obtained from cotton plants and it is the largest consumed fabric worldwide. India had the largest cotton textile industry since the Mughal period and still, it is the highest producer of cotton.      

Linen: Another one on the list is linen. It is a material obtained from the fibers of the flax plant. This strong and absorbent fabric that has the ability to dry faster than other fabrics are found mostly in light and cool colours. This durable and long-lasting fabric has been in use since the prehistoric period.

Georgette: A sheer lightweight fabric that is originally made from silk is a perfect choice for casual wear and hot days. The fabric is originally made from silk with highly twisted yarns having a crinkly surface that is created by altering yarns in the weft and warp technique. It is usually found in solid colours and prints giving the outfit a fabulous look. 

Chiffon: This translucent fabric can shimmer your day. It is a lightweight balanced plain woven-sheer fabric with high twist yarn techniques. It is a smooth and lustrous fabric that is similar to georgette. Earlier it was purely made from silk but now it is also made from synthetic fibers such as nylon and polyester having a slippery texture.

Women have a collection of wholesale cotton suits and outfits made from light fabrics as they are suitable for every climatic condition. You can wear those dresses at parties, gatherings or while travelling.

Some Accessories for a Dignified Look

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You don’t need any traditional jewelry to pair with this simple and elegant attire. Just add a few ones and complete your look.   

Earrings: Small diamond earrings with an eye-catchy effect or earrings made up of gold or silver is a proper match with your sober attire. Artificial earrings can also be paired but they should not be very bold and shimmery as they will ruin your look.

Rings: A beautiful ring having a stone in shapes such as round, square or any other uneven shape in different colours makes an adoring ring. This accessory can be paired with any ethnic or western outfit giving you a lovely look. 

Watch: For an impressive look wear a watch with this office wear outfit. If your attire has three-fourth sleeves or short sleeves then a pretty watch will complete your professional look. While wearing long sleeves you don’t need to pair watches.

Handbag: You need a handbag to keep your personal things and some documents in it. A medium-size leather handbag is a personal favourite choice of every woman. You can try something else if you like but it should be simple without embroidery or other heavy details. 

Footwear: Bellies are the most common footwear chosen by office going girls and ladies. But when you are wearing a salwar suit then you can pair heels or juttis with your outfit. A printed salwar suit and a platform heel make a perfect combination.   

Hairstyle: Simple hairstyles like open hair with a side partition or different types of braids and ponytails are a proper match for salwar suits. You can also try some other hairstyles consisting of twists and curls for a stunning look. 

Makeup: Neutral makeup is always a better choice. Makeup doesn’t mean high tone lipsticks and blushes, applying powder and kajal also comes under the category of makeup. So just go for light touch up and get a glorifying look.  

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