How to Use a Cooking App in Sydney? 1

How to Use a Cooking App in Sydney?


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Want to create your identity as a cook but without being attached to the famous food chains? Want to transfer your personal kitchen to a chef’s kitchen where you can prepare good foods for your neighbours? Eager to earn money by cooking? E-mycook allows you to fulfil all these wishes by offering you home-based cooking jobs.

E-mycook is a unique app that connects food lovers with neighbouring cooks. You can also work as a home-based cook and earn good money. Are you wondering how to use a cooking app Sydney? Read on to know this –

Download and sign up as a cook

The primary step for using the app is to download and install it from Google Play Store. Once the installation is done successfully, you will sign up in the app as a cook with your name, email address and password. After that, you will get a verification email to verify your account. Post verification, you can sign in as a cook at any time.

Provide your details

In this step, you need to provide your basic details as a cook. It is the description of the types of dishes that you can prepare for your customers, your date, month and year of birth, phone number and detailed address along with the postal code. Besides, cooks can also pick the nationality of their cuisine, such as American, Australian, British, Canadian, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, Swiss, Thai, etc. With this option, cooks like you can prepare only the dishes that their expertise lies in. E-mycook values your time, efforts and dedication that you provide to prepare delectable dishes. And so, they ask cooks to choose their rate. You are also free to choose your cooking time from 15 minutes to 12 hours. In this step, you will also require to provide your bank account number and BSB code. Save the details after providing it.

Chat with customers

It is another exclusive feature of E-mycook. With this, you can directly communicate with your customers and take orders. You will know what kinds of foods they want to have, food quantity and the time within which they want it to be delivered. You can also come to know about their special requirements, and thus, offer a tailor-made food experience to them.

Create orders and get payment

Once you are aware of the requirements of the customers, you can create order by offering your name as a cook, the name of the customers along with the address and phone number, the kind of food that he or she has ordered, food description, food delivery time and quantity. Once the customer confirmed the order and make the payment, you will receive it instantly.

Prepare foods and deliver these

Now, comes the most important stage – preparing foods. You can give the updates to the customer when you are preparing the food and when it is ready to be delivered.

Other options

Being a unique food app, E-mycook allows you to go the extra mile with their features. Besides creating orders, you can also have options like “Manage Orders” and “Pending Orders”. In the “Pending Orders” section, you can check all the food orders that are still pending, as well as the order details. And with the “Manage Orders”, you can manage all your orders effectively.

After going through the details, you can understand that it is a user-friendly app and allow you to manage the whole process easily. So, without waiting any more, download E-mycook today!

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