How to Track Android Phone Remotely

How to Track Android Phone Remotely?


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Access to the phones remotely and secretly is needed to keep secret control over people’s secret activities. Through the Spy app, the user can gain full hidden and physical access to the targeted person’s activities/information such as phone calls, SMS, social account activities, phone multimedia and so on.

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Smartphones have much changed a person’s lifestyle such as habits, friends, activities, social activities and hobbies. Kids hide phone activity from parents which create curiosity in parents about kids’ secret doings. Therefore, parents want to spy on their children because they want to know how their children use social media, what their children do when they are with their friends, or what they watch on the Internet and so on. Similarly, an employer can spy on their targeted employee to track their performance in tasks/projects.

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Out of the vast range of advance software, TheOneSpy is the most famous leading software which provides huge benefits. Its useful features and extra free services add to its value. Let’s have a look at TOS phone tracker services in detail.

TheOneSpy Android Phone Spy App

Guardians and owners have the legal right to track their kids and employees remotely. It helps parents to save their kid’s future life and helps businesses to maintain their goodwill in the market.

In this time of hustle-bustle, parents have not enough time to track their kids all-time likewise employers cannot monitor individual employee physically. So, Parents used TOS to protect and prevent kids from digital technology impacts. The corporate sector also uses this technology to track and evaluate the performance of secretly trusted employees.

TheOneSpy is the most affordable spy app which can easily be afforded by the middle and lower-middle-class as well. Besides that, TOS not only offer customer support service but also serve their customers with technical services as well.

TheOneSpy Phone Tracker Features

The top best thing about TOS is that it works in 100% stealth mode. The targeted person cannot detect it easily that anyone is tracking them. TOS rich features give it a special edge over competitors. Here, we will look at TOS’s wonderful features and their services.

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Messages Tracker track all live and previous text chats. It also helps the user to record any chat with time duration as well.

Call Logger helps the user to listen to all live calls and record any call on a single demand.

Geo-Fencing facilitates the user by allowing them to put an alert on safe and dangerous places, so when the targeted person will visit those places, TOS will alert the user about it.

Phone Contact tracker allows the user to have a look at all saves, deleted and blocked contact numbers.

Browsing History Tracker allows the user to have a look at all browsing history to check which sites are frequently visited and which links are bookmarked.

How does TheOneSpy Android Phone Tracker App Works?

If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, you must. We’ll tell you the simplest way with which you can benefit in the long run. Here is the step-by-step instruction of getting access to TOS Android Phone Tracker.

Get Subscription

You have to visit TheOneSpy website and select the best suitable package which can smoothly run with your targeted Android device version.

TOS E-mail

TOS sends an e-mail of confirmation which shows that you get the subscription and e-mail also contain necessary instructions regarding the installation process.

Install TOS in Targeted Phone

Read the instructions and install TOS in targeted Android phone by following installation instructions. TOS installation process is very easy and only takes 3 minutes. If you face any technical issue, you can also ask the TOS technical team for help.

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Log in to TOS account

Now log in to your user’s cloud account provided by the TOS.

Activate Features

Now activate all or any desired feature, on which you want to get information.

Instant Monitoring

After that, you will get all the information at your cloud account and can start instant live monitoring.


When you use advanced technology like TOS, so you have a better idea of how it helps people. It will put all your worries away, whether about kids, workers or partners. You will take a huge advantage of this wonderful phone tracker.

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