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How to protect your Magento store from an SQL injection?


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SQL Injection is a type of Database Hacking, which can be exploited by hackers to steal personal information of the users and also cause the server to crash. An SQL injection is the most common technique that is used by hackers to exploit a database. In an SQL injection, a hacker enters malicious SQL commands in a database or in the input values in the web forms to execute a payload or create a backdoor in the database which can later give them total access to the website. In this blog post we are discussing everything about the Magento SQL injection hack. 

It can be a task to detect a Magento SQL injection hack as it sometimes looks like a very common error. But there are signs that can reveal the hack. I have listed some of them below:

  1. Database infection and anomalies
  2. Addition of new users 
  3. Loss of sensitive data

Hackers who have experience and know how to use the SQL injection are good at handling this type of database attack. Now that you know about SQL Injection, it is better for you to know more about it.

How to clean a Magento SQL hack?

If your website has been attacked by SQL injection, the first thing you need to check is whether the user has entered a malicious SQL statement in the web form or not. Once you have confirmed this, then you need to analyze the whole situation.

Another thing that you need to do is to find out the root cause of the problem in the website. There can be many reasons why the website got hacked, hence confirming the hack is the step one in getting out of this mess. 

This is how you can go about the whole process:

  1. Detect the hack

It is important for you to scan your website for any other malware that might be present in the database and see whether it contains SQL commands. 

You can do this manually or you can hire a professional hacker to do it for you. Since these hackers are highly skilled, they will be able to identify all the possible SQL commands in your website. 

Another thing that you should do is to check for any changes in the database. Since most SQL injection hacks aim to create a backdoor, more often they create a new user in the database. Check if there is any new user in the database

This can result in the website getting hacked and thus your personal information will be compromised.

2. Clean the malware 

If your website is attacked by SQL injection, then it is best for you to take immediate action and start repairing the website. For this, you can either backup a clean database from your backup store. Or you can manually remove the hack.

The database is the brain of your website and stores the most sensitive information. Hence, it is advisable to attempt the cleanup only if you have an above average knowledge of tech.

3. Secure your website

After you have cleaned the hack, you need to work hard to ensure that the hacker cannot attack your website anymore. The first step to ensure that is by having a proper sanitization and validation check in place. Other prevention methods include – using prepared statements and adding protection parameters. Besides, a regular checkup of your Magento website is what we root for. A Magento security audit is what can help you in this. 


Since this type of attack can easily penetrate the website security, you should take maximum precautions to safeguard your website from any type of attack. This way, you will be able to prevent hacking attacks from affecting your website. Now that you know about SQL Injection, it is best for you to know more about it.

Once you have confirmed this, then you should analyze the whole situation in order to find out the database in which the attack took place.

Magento Security Audit

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