How Himalayan Salt Lamp Works & What are it Benefits


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Himalayan salt lamps are actually made of Himalayan salt that is extracted from Khewra Punjab region of Pakistan. They comes in mostly pink color due to the presence of essential minerals in salt. They are able to light your surroundings but they are not only bought for their lightning abilities. It is said that these rock salt lamps provides much more than a warm glow.

How Salt Lamp Works?

Salt is hygroscopic and anti-bacterial in nature, which means it can attract water molecules towards itself and it is believed that it works attracting these water molecules. These water vapors may include air pollutants like bacteria, mold and other allergens that may cause some health issues. 

Once the water vapors in air comes in contact with salt lamp, they are trapped in the salt and when it is heated, it dries out the pollutants from it and release the water vapor back in the air and able to continue the same process. As far as their glow is concern Himalayan pink salt lamps can be calming and provides some therapeutic benefits to you.

Does Himalayan Salt Lamps Generate Negative Ions?

Some salt lamps manufacturers claim that they generate negative ions and unfortunately there is no negative evidence about it. These negative ions can help to cut the affect created by the electromagnetic devices like computer, TV, mobile phones, oven and some other appliances that are possibly present in everyone’s home. Moreover, it is believed that pink salt lamps may provide health benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Salt Lamp?

According to many people Himalayan pink salt lamps provide many health benefits that includes decreasing pollution, negative ions in your surroundings and it may also cure some ailments like asthma, allergies etc. Himalayan salt lamps should be in every room of your house because of their countless benefits. There are some things in our life that soothes us and make our mind comfortable and takes our stress away. Himalayan Salt lamps are one of these.

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Possible Benefits of Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps:

Air purification is the quintessential goal for most buyers out of all salt lamp benefits. There is no doubt that cleaning your home environment leads you towards the best life and health. They help to eliminate the negative ions released by the electronic devices and purify your surroundings. They help to neutralize the effects of electronics. You can use them even in the day time, it may help to clean the air and potentially improve the air in your surroundings.

How Himalayan Salt Lamp Works & What are it Benefits 1

Reduce Electromagnetic Radiations & Allergies:

A positive ion is a small molecule that has gained a positive charge. All electric appliances in our home release electromagnetic radiations in the form of positive ions that are unhealthy like your phones, television, computer, Oven and more. Some other unhealthy toxins, pollutants, mold, pet and chemicals also enter the air as the positive ion.

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These radiations may be invisible but they may cause long term effects like fatigue, increase stress and may also weaken your immune system. If you are not feeling best, the quality of air you are breathing can be accused. Researchers have not proven that salt lamps has ability to cut the electromagnetic rays but some people who are using salt lamps claim that it helps their allergies and asthma.

Boost your Mood & may Help Better Sleep:

Some people like to use salt lamps to reduce stress and anxiety. Reduction in anxiety is the possible benefit of these crystal salt lamps. The warm pinkish color turns orange and provide warm glow may provide color therapy and create your surroundings the happy and calming place. They encourage a relaxing atmosphere and thus promote better night sleep if salt lamp is turned on, by your bedside table. The negative ions that may be produced by salt lamps can alleviate depression, relieve stress and boost your energy all day long. Keeping salt lamps at your workplace may help you to concentrate better.

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How Himalayan Salt Lamp Works & What are it Benefits 2

May ease Allergies & Asthma:

Himalayan pink salt is used in by many inhalers manufacturers to bring relief to asthma and allergies suffering people. Salt therapy is also used to treat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patient. According to some people salt therapy help them to relieve lung diseases and that results in easier breathing. Nowadays, there are salt caves at various spas, and this is re-created with the invention of Himalayan salt inhalers. These salt caves are designed for the people with asthma and allergies issues.

Salt therapy benefits to asthma patients:

  • 75 % severe asthma cases.
  • 85 % of moderate asthma cases.
  • 97 % of chronic bronchitis and cystic cases.

Reduce Static Electricity:

Static is a bothersome stuff, it causes stress and frustration. Static electricity is a huge problem and Himalayan salt lamps are a natural way to neutralize the airborne ionized particles. Plus the blue light that is generated by some electric devices may cause interruptions while sleeping while calming glow of salt lamps helps you to sleep better. Use Himalayan salt lamps in every room of house to avoid all these problems.

How Himalayan Salt Lamp Works & What are it Benefits 3

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