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Hotstar offers US membership for $ 5 discount and other benefits


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If you have already cut the cable cord, then you should be looking for the best streaming service. Hulu, FuboTV, YoutubeTV, and SlingTV are providing quality service to its customers. But if you want to access Indian entertainment and sports in the USA, only Hotstar US can fulfill your needs. However, it is not providing as many channels as other streaming providers are offering. But Hotstar membership costs are comparatively very low.

Hotstar also offers and discounts to its customers from time to time. Recently, it released Hotstar US promo code SAVE40 for its USA customers and offered its customers a discount of $ 5. Let me share the schedule of Hotstar offers and US promo code schedule.

Hotstar Offers and US Promo Code

Hotstar IPL Deal – As we know, IPL is held every year and can be seen only on Hotstar. Therefore, Hotstar issues a US promo code for IPL fans. Hotstar has already started its IPL offer and customers can use the coupon code SAVE40 to avail this offer. You will get instant discount of $ 5 plus gift card voucher.

Memorial Day Offer – This Hotstar US offer starts during the month of June and you can use the Hostar US promo code SAVE40 to get a discount on Hotstar US membership. With this coupon code, you will get a 10% discount and other freebies.

Hotstar US Independence Day Discount – This is one of the best discount codes among all Hotstar US offers and is available during the months of July and August during the US and India Independence Day. The Hotstar US promo code for the Independence Day discount is FREERADDIO and will give you 10% off membership in up to $ 25 Desi TV from Hotstar partners.

Hotstar offers US membership for $ 5 discount and other benefits 2

Hotstar Blog Offer – Hotstar is an all-time US promo code in the US that will give you an instant discount of $ 5 in annual membership. This is not a season or occasion special coupon and works throughout the year. Use Hotstar US promo code SAFE40 to avail of this offer.

These are the most popular Hotstar coupons that will offer you membership at a discounted price. To avail these offers, you have to follow certain terms and conditions.

Hotstar offers Terms and Conditions

These offers and US promo codes only work in USA, Canada. This offer will not be valid for Hotstar India.

The two offers and the Hotstar US promo code cannot be merged with each other. This means that you can only use one coupon at a time.

All Hotstar US promo codes will give you a minimum of $ 5 off in Hotstar membership.

There is no limit to the number of uses.

You will get hotstar usage on two screens simultaneously.

The conclusion

These are the best deals and discount codes for Hotstar membership. However, you will also get other promotional codes. But these codes remain active and will give you a 100% discount.

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