Residential Ozone Laundry System

Ensure Quality Textile Care with The Help Of Residential Ozone Laundry System


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With the world heading towards new innovations, the traditional laundry system is also changing. The main focus is on adopting a cost-effective healthy clean and energy efficient washing. As a step ahead to this motive ozone laundry is being used in replacement of a traditional washing. Residential ozone laundryaims at using oxygen and electricity in a way that provides utmost care to the textiles avoiding the use of toxic chemicals. The traditional laundry washing leaves a very harmful impact on the environment. This issue is greatly reduced by the residential ozone laundry system that uses water energy to operate laundry systems.
Mechanism of Ozone laundry
At a residential ozone laundry, ozone is created by oxygen and electricity. Ozone is then passed into the water which in turn is used as a detergent to wash clothes. The content must be mixed in a proper amount to maintain the balance and deliver equality wash treatment. Earlier, acids, bleaches, alkali, and hot water were used in laundry operations. But at present, the residential ozone laundry systemuses a combination of cold water (instead of hot water), detergent and ozone for a healthy cleaning of textiles. Ozone works as a powerful bleach for a majority of dirty textiles like towels and sheets. The use of cold water maintains the stability of ozone and prevents it from breaking it as in the case of hot water. Water with a temperature below 90 degrees is suitable for ozone to dissolve into it. The solubility of ozone in water also increases due to a decrease in temperature.
What actually happens in an ozone laundry system is, first ozone gets mixed with water. The ozonized water then gets poured into the washing machine. Ozone molecule is made up of 3 atoms. Due to a weak bond in the molecule, one atom gets separated leaving behind an oxygen atom. The detached atom gets attached to the dirt, bacteria, or fungus on the textiles. It then separates the impurities from the clothes.
Residential Ozone Laundry

The significance of residential ozone laundry systems

Use of ozonized detergents in laundries replaces harmful chemicals to a large extent thereby ensuring an environmentally safe cleaning. Quality is maintained while washing textiles with ozone. Using cold water ozone can provide healthier washing standards since hot water damages valuable clothes. The residential ozone laundry systemadopts safety measures while washing the linens. The problem of high pH affecting the fabric due to the use of chlorine and hot water is also resolved by ozone laundries. The ozonized water creates sufficient OH radicals to neutralize the high value of pH before it affects the linen. Even larger amounts of clothes are processed in residential ozone laundrymaintaining the finishing of the material. After processing the fibers come out be soft and smooth without losing natural look.Apart from all these, ozone laundries reduce the time taken for washing, costs (including labor and sewer costs) in production, and the energy consumption by the laundry system.


Harsh soaps, chlorine water, and bleaches cause harmful effects to the human skin. This problem is eliminated by ozone laundry systems which successfully replaces the traditional laundry systems at many places. The major advantage of these systems is contributed to the environment. Ozone gets completely destroyed therefore it does not cause any harm to the environment after washing. There are still some areas to be worked on to improve the efficiency of laundry systems. But the present state is satisfactory.

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