Difference Between Malware and Viruse

Understand the Difference Between Malware and Viruses


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Today, anyone can fool you if you don’t have any prior knowledge about computers. And yes, there are so many confusing terms in the IT field today that it is difficult for a layman to cope up. But with changing technology, the increase in unwanted bugs and viruses in our everyday devices has become one of the major issues for cybernetics. One of the common confusions is between Malware and Viruses. The confusion between these two is very common and because of the unawareness, people often get conned. The basic difference between Malware and Virus is that virus is a type of Malware. The virus is a special code whose sole purpose is to infect your device whereas Malware is a special software designed to corrupt your device. Well, this might seem pretty simple, but let’s dig into it. So, today we provide you with the guide to differentiate between Malware and Viruses.

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Difference and Types:

The confusion between these viruses and Malware is very often. But don’t worry, today we will provide you with pure clarity between them.

Understand the Difference Between Malware and Viruses 1
Virus v/s Malware

Let us look into more details about these two terminologies.


The major difference between malware and virus is that viruses can infect anything from a PC to a mobile device.It is a contagious piece of code that destroys your software as well as the hardware and it spreads itself once it is run. It can be spread-ed from one device to another. The computer gets destroyed through the replication of the malicious code. There are different ways a virus can infect your device.


Malware is a software written only to harm or infect the system. It includes viruses and another type of bugs such as Trojan horses, worms, spyware and even ransomware.

Understand the Difference Between Malware and Viruses 2
Malware Types

There are many different types of Malware. Since it is a special code written to infect your device it has various types such as:


It is a standalone program which can spread over a particular network all by itself. It spreads by exploiting a vulnerability in the infected system or via an email attachment.


It demands the users to pay a certain ransom to regain access to their computer. This is currently being used by many cyber criminals to gain certain data or Bitcoins.


This Malware frightens the victim into buying useless software or tempts the users with some financial data. This malware usually pops up on the desktop with flashing images or noises indicating that your device is infected. Which usually provokes the user to enter their data giving the virus to exploit the bank details and other viruses.

File-less Malware:

It is different from all the other Malware as it doesn’t download code onto your device. but it operates in the computer’s memory and evades detection by hiding the sensitive and trusted tools and other security applications. And later provides access to the attacker to enter the device freely without generating any alerts in the device.

What is the Difference Between Antivirus and Anti-Malware?

Now that we are clear about the difference between malware and virus, its time to protect our devices from unwanted them. One is required to download certain Anti-viruses and Anti-malware. To use any of these tools; one must know the difference between the two.

Understand the Difference Between Malware and Viruses 3
Antivirus v/s AntiMalware

An Anti-virus deals with old and already known threats, it protects against the lingering and known yet dangerous malware. all the antiviruses are best at crushing malware which might enter your device via email or USB.An Anti-malware protects a computer against dangerous, malicious files infections and since it gets updated regularly it protects our device from all the new malware codes cybercriminals are trying to develop. There are many companies which provide anti-malware services. These services include:

Signature-based scanning:

This is the basic method to find all the antimalware programs. They rely on a database which includes all the known virus signatures.

Heuristic Analysis:

This detects the malware by their relation with other viruses. It has sample code and related the malware with other signature codes and starts scanning to detect the hidden junk code.

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Real-time Monitoring:

Astra’s website scanner provides the best monitoring solutions to seek unexpected actions such as sending certain gigabytes of data over some other network or any other activity that can hurt the device. After detection, it blocks and hunts down the malware source.

Protect against malware and viruses

There are many companies which make products to protect against malware and viruses. Yous can either get online services or buy the product to get maximum security.

1. Endpoint Security: It integrates threat prevention, firewall and other advances threat and it also stops the spreading of the file and file-less malware.

2. Web Protection: Secures the website reputation and warn users of insecure websites.

3. Threat Intelligence Exchange: It identifies the potential threat and later tag the suspect processes and stops it to further spread in your device.

Protect your device today

With the exponential increase of hackers and other cyber-criminals, it is important that you have a safe and secure online experience. But it is often seen that people are confused between the endless options of Anti-malware and Anti-viruses. There are many companies which can fool someone by providing them with fake security and get access to all the data and other sensitive information. So, beware of the security clients you choose.


If you own an E-commerce website or are running a small business everything needs protection. Always follow the best e-commerce security practices avoiding hack situations.

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