Designer Sunglasses for Men

The Best Designer Sunglasses for Men


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A perfect pair of premium sunglasses makes you look more attractive and bring symmetry to your overall facial aesthetics. It is an essential centerpiece of any refined style that accentuates the bold statement in a suave man’s personality. Men’s designer sunglasses crave out its identifiable niche within the fashion world. It is becoming much bolder than ever with top cutting-edge designs and innovative features. 

So, if you haven’t donned something new in men’s designer sunglasses since long or trying to seek out the right style, here are the leading stylish shades you’d wish to wear this year. Overlook the normal stock of shades that are easily available in the shops and it’s time to say goodbye to them. This summer, get the latest men’s designer sunglasses frames that are in vogue and bring out the best in you. 

Best Designer Sunglasses for Men:

The Hybrids

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The Hybrid frames are not a proper shape or a style, they are basically a mixture of two or more than two styles. The finest example is the fusion of round sunglasses with a Clubmaster style, Horn-rimmed rectangle-shaped with a cat-eye and so on. These sunglasses are perfect for those who love to experiment with innovative and fresh designs. So, if you are bored with the age-old styles, try hybrids that look sassy and unique. This style goes flawless on every face and available in a multitude of colours including several mirrored options.

Round Sunglasses 

C:\Users\BONTON OPTICIANS\Downloads\Round.jpg

The vintage-inspired round sunglasses were introduced around sixty years ago and till now they are in trend. Buy round sunglasses online available in Monel metal and acetate frames that are durable and light in weight. They are available in limitless options of colours and finishes. It goes without saying that round sunglasses highlight your style with its fresh and advanced look.

Tinted Sunglasses

C:\Users\BONTON OPTICIANS\Downloads\Tinted.jpg

The attention-grabbing Tinted sunglasses emanate a cryptic but poised persona. What makes Tinted sunglasses stand out from the crowd is the fact they reflect brilliantly when photographed. Mirrored Sunglasses are a perfect option for those who want the glare of the spotlights and grab the attention of the onlookers! Try the new white acetate men’s sunglasses with blue-tinted lenses for a serene look.

Double Bridge Sunglasses

C:\Users\BONTON OPTICIANS\Downloads\Double-Bridge.jpg

The next coolest trend in men’s designer sunglasses is the double bridge dark glasses. The extra bridge adds designer element making the shades look like a wearable art. The bridges are often thin and subtle, or perhaps bold and heavier. They are available in wide range of colours and styles.

For an ingenious look, choose vibrant colours like tinted blue or red. You may also try a silver or gold pair for an elegant touch to your clothing. Without a doubt this stylish frame look fabulous on every complexion and looks more impactful.

Besides, there are scores of designs in men’s designer sunglasses like Clip-on sunglasses, tortoiseshell frames, Classic Cool Clubmasters, D-Frame, and lots of others. Explore these branded designer eyeglasses frames at Bonton Opticians, India’s Premium Eyewear Shop. Visit our online store and purchase your branded luxury sunglasses at a reasonable price range. We offer you the best online shopping experience and after-sales service in India.

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