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Creating a Garden with Pots Melbourne: 3 Mistakes to Avoid


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What would be more cheerful in your outdoor space than enjoying the vibrant colours and the pleasing aroma of beautiful flowers in the planters? And if you are a photographer by passion, then you would like to capture the planted flowers in your lens now and then and show your near ones. 

But how to start container gardening? Are buying the pots, dropping the seeds in the soil, watering them regularly and nourishing them with fertilisers enough to have an enchanting garden? No! You need to go the extra mile to have your dream garden. 

So, if you have already bought the planters from one of the reputable stores that offer pots in Melbourne, then you should consider avoiding these mistakes –  

Buying too many small pots 

It is easy to get carried away and try to have as many plants in your outdoor space as possible. It will lead you to make stupid decisions like buying plants of small plant containers to hold different plants. It is a common mistake that most newbie gardeners make. With this, you will end up with a clumsy balcony and the plants eventually ran out of space to grow. In place of buying too many small planters, buy several large pots to grow several plants in creative collections.

Keeping an awkward plant-to-pot ratio

It is another mistake that gardeners make. A large container stuffed with short plants can look stunned. If you want to follow a rule of (green) thumb, try to have at least one plant that is as tall as the container. Besides, plants that spill over the sides soften the edges and add texture and interest. Don’t even put too much in one pot. You should keep it in mind that plants will grow bigger as the season goes on. Plants crowded in smaller pots grow more slowly than those that have room to stretch out.

Filling a container in the wrong place 

Have you ever tried to lift a large garden pot filled with plants and dirt? It can be too heavy. So, when using a large pot, place it where it will live and then fill-it you will save your back. Moreover, if you know you are planting shallow-rooted plants in a very large container, fill the bottom with empty plastic bottles. You could also use rock-like products to take up space. Fillers make your containers lighter as don’t need as much potting soil.

Besides, overlooking the material it is made out of and the drainage hole are some of the mistakes that gardeners often make. Whether you have already bought or are about to buy pots from the stores that offer planters and fountains Tasmania, keep these things in mind and avoid making these mistakes when creating your own garden. 

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