Steel Fabrication for Staircases

Choosing Steel Fabrication for Staircases: 5 Types to Consider


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 We all use staircases, and most of the time, without giving too much thought to their design. But your staircase should meet some requirements – it should be fit for the purpose, complement the location and provide safety and security. And when it comes to constructing a staircase with a sturdy material, the first thing that comes to your mind is steel fabrication. 

Are you also considering steel fabrication Melbourne for constructing a staircase but don’t know about the type of staircase that will be the right choice for you? Here, we have discussed this in detail –

  1. Architectural Staircase

Do you prefer architectural staircases? Well, an architectural staircase enhances aesthetics appearance, and as the centrepiece of a space. As steel is malleable, it can be used to create unorthodox designs, while its inherent strength makes sure structural stability.

  1. External Staircases

Staircases allowing easy access to a building, sometimes providing an easy route to other levels, are common in all commercial and industrial buildings. Apart from everyday functions, an external staircase is often a statutory requirement and may take the form of an elementary fire escape. The brief is to provide a safe but not obtrusive means of exit. And the strength, durability and flexibility of steel mean a strong external staircase will not need bulky material to serve its purpose.

  1. Indoor Commercial Staircase

Indoor staircases need to be sturdy enough to handle the anticipated footfall of a building, day in and out. Generally, this kind of staircase is also a central design feature in various corporate buildings. The staircase needs to be designed to blend with its surroundings and support other features and decorative elements.

  1. Straight Staircase

This kind of staircase consists of a conventional ‘flight of steps’. However, it can also be designed to incorporate features such as landings and turns. Longer flights are often compromised for height restrictions between levels. But even this, functional and sturdy, or stylish and elegant, a steel-fabricated straight staircase will always stand the test of time.

  1. Helical and Spiral Staircases

These staircases are curved in a tight arc and returning through a full 360 degrees. The compact design makes good use of confined stairwells, however, can be awkward for users to navigate. And the steep spiral ascent can add to the woes. But a sensitively designed spiral staircase for light traffic can be a great ornamental feature. Generally, steel is the most favoured material for creating an appealing design that can offer security and stability.

So, consider your requirements and choose the right type of staircase for your property. And for balustrades, fences or wrought iron gates Melbourne choose a reputable store today!

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