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The Serial Entrepreneur Turned Pageant Queen That You Should Know

Calynn M. Lawrence, also known as “Supergirl”, has been known in the fashion and entertainment industry for her work as a marketing-focused businesswoman. She has won several national awards for her work with her nonprofit that has helped over 200 small businesses and talents, The Fresh Faces Project, and her TV show that has reached over 80,000 viewers, Chicago Talent. Oh yes, and she’s only twenty-three years old! Now, she’s got a new title under her belt and has started a new venture as a pageant queen. She currently holds the Regional title of Ms. Northern US 2019 in the American Elegance pageant system and will be competing for the national title Ms. American Elegance 2020!

Serial Entrepreneur

Her pageant platform is to advocate for more creative arts education and career training opportunities for the nation’s youth! To support this, she has been on a string of community service appearances to partner with local organizations and help enhance their ability to give art to the people they benefit. So far, she has donated hundreds of dollars worth of books and art supplies to 4 different organizations, and has volunteered her time at multiple venues that are education based.


Some of the places that she has donated to/worked with are: Simply Destinee Youth Center, a nonprofit that raises awareness for suicide prevention through the arts and dance, giving local children the opportunity to express themselves through art and performing. Secure My Future, a company that provides career training and financial education to youths to set them up on a path for success as entrepreneurs and business owners. Ashburn Community Elementary, her alma mater from which she graduated as Valedictorian, a school that is very arts and creativity based pushing students to think outside of the box and have productive hobbies. Bach To Rock, a national chain of music schools that provide a well rounded education for their students including theory, practice and performance. She serves as an Assistant Director at the corporate division pushing to grow the school .


She has also formed partnerships with community organizations. One of which is with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana. On Sunday, September 15, she and her mother donated 20 bags of art supplies to the Ronald McDonald House near Advocate Children’s Hospital in Oak Lawn. They gave everything from pens, pencils, crayons, markers, paint, paintbrushes and large canvases for the children and their families to enjoy. They were greeted by friendly staff and got the opportunity to be given a detailed tour with an awesome staff member named George. She looks forward to continuing to work with Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland & Northwest Indiana more in the future. She truly supports them and their mission.


Another local organization that she partnered with was The Bridge Teen Center. They provide free arts, games, performance opportunities and career training courses for teens in Illinois! They operate completely within her mission because they offer any student the option of pursuing their passion and having a job. She thanks Rob, Amanda and Jason. She donated two big bags of Young Adult Best Sellers! Some of these were the Pretty Little Liars book series, The Clique book series, Hunger Games Page book series, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo book series and many other popular teen books.


Calynn M. Lawrence is ambitiously striving for excellence in everything she does. An “Easy Business Tip” that you can gather from her is to turn your passions into a career while you’re young, and you’ll never look at work as being a chore, rather it’ll be something you enjoy and something you’ll succeed at. From breaking barriers in business to now beauty pageants, she is making an impact in her community! A young female entrepreneur has a dream to make others’ dreams become a reality. Go girl, go!

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