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Best UGC Tool for Omnichannel Marketing in 2020


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Omnichannel marketing is the need of this era, every marketer wants to be uniform with the marketing and branding that they are doing! Every marketer wants to create a buzz among all the marketing channels like online, offline and physical. User-generated content tools or in short UGC tools are the possible options for this! 

What is a UGC Tool?

Best UGC Tool for Omnichannel Marketing in 2020 1

Before understanding what UGC tools are, let’s first understand the basics of user-generated content. UGC or user-generated content or customer-generated content or user-contributed content is any type of content that is created by users or customers or consumers of the brand rather than the marketers of the brand itself! Reviews, testimonials, UGC galleries, hashtag campaigns are all examples of User-generated content. 

In simple words, UGC tools are the tools which help in UGC marketing!

There are a number of UGC tools available, UGC contest tools, UGC aggregators, UGC display tools, hashtag research tools, etc are all types of User generated content tools. 

Best UGC Tool for Omnichannel Marketing

There are a lot of tools available out there for using UGC in marketing but the tool which is super great for omnichannel marketing is Taggbox!

Taggbox is a UGC tool that allows you to collect, curate, moderate and display UGC with rights across all the marketing touchpoints like website, event screens, digital signages, emailers, advertisements and much more and that too with amazing themes and customization options. 

UGC Tool

Taggbox allows you to collect and curate user-generated content from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc along with enterprise social networks like Slack, Yelp, Yammer, Facebook Workplace, etc and also let you collect reviews from google my business, Facebook, etc from your pages. Apart from collection, this UGC platform gives an option to automatically moderate your content with the help of the profanity filter and also allows you to moderate the content manually!

Taggbox Product suite contains 6 products:

  1. Taggbox Smart Curation 
  2. Taggbox UGC rights management
  3. Taggbox Widgets
  4. Taggbox Signage
  5. Taggbox Social Wall
  6. Taggbox Ecommerce

All of these products are designed and developed by keeping the needs of different types of users, for instance, for websites and embedding related solutions, Taggbox widgets is a marvelous product to look upon!

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For Events, conferences and tradeshows, etc, Taggbox Social Wall is an all in one tool, which lets you display social media UGC content via hashtags, mentions, handles on almost every type of screen, be it projectors, jumbotrons, TVs, etc that too with amazing themes, customization possibilities and real-time updates

For permanent deployment of social walls at venues, stores, malls, or DOOH advertising, Taggbox Signage is good to go tool!!!

Taggbox E-commerce is yet another eCommerce tool, which will skyrocket your conversions by boosting the brand trust and loyalty during the purchase cycle of the customer on your eCommerce by embedding, shoppable UGC galleries on landing pages, check out pages, etc

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UGC rights management by Taggbox allows you to use this User-generated content with complete rights so that you can leverage UGC in marketing campaigns without much hassle!


Is it really worth spending bandwidth in creating UGC marketing campaigns and using the UGC for marketing? If you are wondering the same, ask yourself, why not?? Yes, why not? What can be better than using the views of your audience to make more audience? What’s better than unbeatable trust-driven content? What’s wrong in leveraging the digital word of mouth marketing for your brand, product or service?

User-generated content marketing is driving all the marketers crazy, and the best reason for this is an amazing ROI than any other content format right now!

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