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Every day numerous businesses are launched online, giving tough time to others. To be the best today in the digital world, organizations must keep themselves updated with the new trends. From designing, developing, and content, a website should be as strong as you want your business to be. Make sure that it meets the entire Google requirement. 

In 2020, several things have changed in businesses online, specifically, Google updates. To be ranked on the first page of Google it is necessary to know what it values. The best option is to hire the most reliable SEO services in Pakistan, and be the top among competitors.

  • Do you have a secure website? 

Google is ranking those sites that are more secure, this is the reason it is relying more on the website that is working for years. HTTPS makes your website pages more secure by encrypting information that is sent between the server and visitor. So ensure that you have the lock icon before the URL. 

  • Your website should be speedy

 A user-friendly website not only attracts visitors to your site but now it is one of the necessary points to rank your website as per Google. Time is already short, and customers need quick solutions. Since 2010, page speed matters, and it will matter in the future too. So companies should ensure that if they want more and more customers love their brand they should make the user experience flawless and quicker. 

Besides this, please mark that things that affect your page speed are, sever location, site’s code, images, etc. Look into Google’s pages peed insights tool for more details. 

  • Matching the search intends 

It is important to know what makes sense to Google and people who are searching for you. Ensure that you select the best keyword that ranks your website or page you want when a user searches for it. Meaning and appropriateness are important. However, this involves proper research on the list of keywords and search engines. For example, if the user is looking for “how to bake a cake”, Google will always show the best recipes on top, not the best product list. 

  • Content proximity 

Content is often considered the king. A thorough content enhances the quality of your website. Note that authentic content is not always a lengthy content. How smartly you put on the content to your web pages that matter. Try to look for the sub-topic that user search for most of the time. 

  • The aptness of head keyword

A head keyword lets people search for you. The right head keyword is the way people may reach you easily. Ensure that title tags, H1, and URL are relevant to your product, services, and page. The more accurate you are in working on the page content, the easier it is to reach your clients. When choosing a head keyword, keep it simple and sensible. Using the necessary keywords doesn’t mean making vague sentences.

  • Optimize your Images 

It is good to compress images to make load faster, but there is another way too that helps you optimize your images for SEO. For instance, using the alt tags and filenames that are descriptive; helping Google to understand your images and rank your page. 

  • Importance of meta titles and descriptions 

Sellers create an amazing sales pitch to attract clients. This is the reason your Meta title and description must be effective. Here, it is not only about a keyword but also some characters. According to Google, the title should be under 60 characters, and descriptions should be under 150 characters. Also, after finalizing the Meta title and description, it is important to align it with search intent. 

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