Angular vs React: Which One to Opt for Your App 1

Angular vs React: Which One to Opt for Your App


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Both Angular JS and React JS are leading web app development platforms that provide unique solutions to each application’s individual needs.

An app developed using AngularJS or React JS is smooth, dynamic, and high in performance. 

Both the platforms enjoy great popularity among developers and product owners looking to develop an application.

In this article, we will cover all the benefits provided by each platform, so you can determine which one is worthy of your next project. 

Let’s get started!

What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is wholly based on HTML and JavaScript. The framework manipulates the DOM model by extending HTML with directives. It also efficiently creates a single page application (SPA) with features like data binding. It provides dependency injections, which reduces the need for writing a whole lot of codes. Through AngularJS, a developer can easily convert a simple HTML into a dynamic one.  

In simpler words, the framework is capable enough of defying all complexities of web application development.

It doesn’t matter if you need to overcome the complexities of web development or if you need to satisfy any of your development needs. AngularJS is here to provide.

AngularJS makes developers’ life easy and your application brighter, so it is obvious why developers just love choosing AngularJS.

However, developing any application is not a cakewalk; you will need to hire dedicated angular developers to reach the optimal level and build the perfect app.

Let’s move further. And discuss what React JS is?

ReactJS is a library of JavaScript and is open-source. It effectively renders massive data sets in a web application; it is used for managing the view layer of web and mobile apps for creating reusable UI. It was first used on Facebook and then on Instagram, however, it is still maintained by Facebook. Creating a dynamic, engaging, and vibrant web application is easy with ReactJS. Developers can create large web applications without reloading the page using ReactJS, as it is fast and scalable.

So a developer can build an application using ReactJS when it needs to be fast and efficient and needs to be developed in a short time. This is possible since not much coding is required to create an app with React JS.

However, if you wish to acquire maximum benefits out of React JS, it would be a great option to Hire dedicated React JS developers. The developer would be able to create better and clear goals for your application using her/his experience and knowledge. 


It is difficult to determine which platform is better for you; you are the best judge in this case. Keeping in mind all your objectives and goals, you can make the right choice in choosing the best platform for your application development. 

Here’s a one-on-one comparison between both the platforms for you to choose better:

ABSTRACTIONAbstraction provides users with minimal details but hosts quick development. However, abstraction in Angular is leaky since a lot of debugging has to be done.The abstraction in React is not flexible with parts that don’t go well with HTML tags. It gets involved by implementing mixins.

Angular is an event-driven system. Hence if any issue occurs, it will print a long stack, so if anything is not working in AngularJS, it is better to write the codes again.ReactJS allows you to be lenient while searching for bugs. Since there are fewer places to look for bugs and the stack traces provided as clear and distinct, although it is easy to debug, it is hard to compare the original HTML with the resulting HTML.
FRAMEWORKAngularJS is a framework. Therefore there’s no need for analyzing libraries. We can get on with the work.It is a library that can be collaborated with all languages universally. It is flexible, and APIs can be exchanged with libraries.

The angular framework is comparatively bigger but slower than React.React performs better since it has a virtual DOM and small library size.

In Angular, if you need to bind an asynchronous service or a server, you would need an intermediate model. All you can generally bind is scope.You can perform data binding with a value link. 

Angular consists of a Native script used in Native apps and an Ionic text used in a Hybrid app.
 React consists of React-Native for native applications and React-Native-render for platform-independent apps.


  • Facilitates a Two-way data binding process for rich UI
  • Testing is easy on Angular JS.
  • Facilitates the development of a high-performance application
  • Developers can easily make Single Page Applications.
  • Developers need to write fewer codes
  • Provides flexibility to develop a web application through directives


  • Facilitates server-side and client-side rendering
  • Easily customizable
  • Provides easy optimization on search engines
  • Builds rich UIs
  • Easy to learn and implement
  • Debugging is easy

Now you know it all, everything both platforms provide to everything different between them, which one is worthy of being a part of your next project is your call, but now you can make an informed decision regarding choosing between the two. Take some help from a professional and get done with your work.

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