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An Essential Shot List for Calgary Wedding Photography: Things You Would Never Ignore


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Many people have praised that you have a natural eye for photography. And following your heart, you want to have a flourishing career in wedding photography. Meeting up clients and turning up at the venue – the job does not end there. You need to do homework and create a shot list. Welcome to the real world of wedding photography!

To succeed in a Calgary wedding photography assignment, it takes a lot. Just as a wedding requires a mountain of planning, the photography project is not different. Ensuring your clients that their big day is documented skillfully, you need to be organised. Understand you must be heading to the D-day with a clear mind, and a shot list. Weddings are fun and exciting, and it is a slippery slope to get lost in the environment. Only the shot list will bring you out of weariness and keep you focused. After all, every wedding requires an excellent level of concentration at all times. A general outline will calm your nerves and show the right path on the battlefield. So, here is a brief shot list which will go a long way for your career.

First Looks Steal the Show

Many photographers only focus on the couples, so they end up missing other first looks. This sounds a little confusing, but we have got you covered. A wedding is an intense emotional journey for the parents too. Before walking down the aisle, the father sees her daughter for the first time in the gown. And it is definitely one of the valuable shots in the album. When the bride walks down the aisle, focus on the groom as well. Discreetly capture the groom’s emotion because it remains one of the irreplaceable moments. Professionals love the ‘first looks’ because the couples laugh or find tears in their eyes. So, do not let such vital moments pass away.

Post-Ceremony Couple Shoots

Nowadays, clients love to take time off and do wedding portraits after the ceremony. The portrait session usually goes on for 40 minutes or two hours. In the end, it depends on the venue and the clients’ requests. Discuss the photo-session with clients and work out on the combinations.

Frame the Little Details

Talk to the couple about how they want to capture the heirlooms which are overlooked. You must focus on getting the photos which are essential to the clients. While running back and forth, the little objects do not make the final cut. When the bride is wearing her granny’s rosary, give it a moment. Or, when the groom is wearing his grandparent’s cufflinks, don’t forget to capture it. Besides the little objects, remember to shoot the rings. The wedding ring is a symbol of union, and without it, the wedding album will never be complete.

Special Portraits

A wedding is about the celebration of love, but it is also about catching up with old pals. Think about how the grandparents feel after meeting their distant cousins at their granddaughter’s wedding. Such a joyous moment needs to be captured masterfully. Elderly people often shy away from posing for portraits, so candid shots are your last resort.

Wedding photography requires a touch of drama, romance and many more things. So, don’t forget to use these elements in the shots perfectly. In the end, have fun and experiment while you can!

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