Advantages of using Aluminum Foam in making cars

Advantages of using Aluminum Foam in making Cars


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The light car industry has become a trend in the automotive world. The density of aluminum is about 1/3 of this steel. Aluminum replaces steel to make cars, which can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 30% to 40% and the engine can reduce the weight by 30%. The lightweight body allows for significantly improved speed and handling of the car. In addition to light, high strength aluminum alloys provide greater security. As a lightweight car material, the aluminum alloy has the advantages of the apparent weight reduction effect, strong impact absorption capability, easy recovery and high mounting efficiency. It has become a key application choice for the new power body, chassis, and engine and battery components.

Unlimited Design Capabilities:

The use of SAF Aluminum by Cymat Technologies in the parts that make up cars and trucks has increased steadily in the last decade. They have unlimited design capabilities, high precision construction, perfectly remove heat from the brake unit, but most importantly they are lighter than steel discs. These are common virtues. In particular, it is possible to judge their advantages and disadvantages only by considering how and by what alloy they are manufactured. There are many nuances, disagreement from wheel to wheel.

Aluminum rims are manufactured by casting or forging high-strength aluminum, magnesium or titanium alloys. Magnesium and titanium discs are lighter and stronger than aluminum, but magnesium is less resistant to corrosion, so magnesium discs must be coated with laminates and titanium is very expensive. As a result, they are used in very expensive, recognized or tuned sports cars, not intended for everyday driving.

Aluminum wheels are about 15-30% lighter than steel depending on the design. This is their main advantage, as the installation of such drives reduces the mass of non-mounted parts of the car.

What are the benefits of all aluminum engines? Why use it all?

The first is light. In this age of light exercise, even if a pound can be dropped, manufacturers are willing to do it. Compared to the cast iron engine, the aluminum engine can reduce the weight by 10 to 20 kg, which can reduce the fuel consumption of the vehicles.

Secondly, the all-aluminum engine has good heat dissipation and strong anti-fire. The heat dissipation is good, which means that the temperature of the oil raises rapidly, the wear on the cylinder body is low and the vehicle can enter the working condition faster. The ability of the electric valve means that the vehicle can use less fuel indicator and save some costs for the owner.

But all aluminum engine also has its own disadvantage, namely, the ability to withstand high temperature is low and that it cannot be adapted for a long time and high power operation, which will limit the performance of the vehicle. However, this disadvantage is not obvious. In general, it only affects the ability to adapt vehicles without affecting daily use.

So why are all kinds of sports cars running on all aluminum engines now? Are these used to run the speed track engine can run a long time? Of course not. This is because they used a special layer of iron film inside the aluminum cylinder, which greatly enhanced the engine’s operating temperature limit from aluminum. But they are a few luxury cars, and the whole aluminum machine that buys carts has no technical content.

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