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How to Evolve Accounts Receivable Process of Your Business


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Nowadays, various businesses are dealing with various hurdles in the accounts receivable process. It is imperative to integrate and streamline the accounts receivable and payment processes of the business. This integration will help in increasing the efficiency and reducing the expenditure. Therefore, all businesses need truly accounts receivable software integration.

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips that will help in evolving the accounts receivable process of your business:

1. Opt for Cloud-Based Solution

With the change in demands and requirements, you should change the process of maintaining the accounts receivables. The manual process of operating the accounts receivables is time-consuming. Moreover, the manual process of accounts receivables is also associated with a high probability of errors. Therefore, it is recommended to change the manual process to automatic account receivable solutions. You should cloud-based accounts receivable solution.

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, the cloud-based solution of accounts receivables such asAR integration for QuickBooks is highly beneficial for your business—the cloud-based accounts receivable solution help in reducing unwanted overhead. Moreover, the cloud-based solutions are available with different pricing plans so that you can choose the right one for you. The cloud-based solutions with extra features are costlier than the basic models.

2. Integrate Online Payment Options

The best way to collect payments at a faster pace from the customers is to allow them to make payments through online mode. Nowadays, everybody has a smartphone and access to the latest technology. Thus, if you allow your customers to make payment through credit cards, debit cards, or smartphone payment applications, then it will make the payment process convenient to your customers.

If you integrate the online payment options in the accounts receivable process, then it will reduce the burden on your accounting staff. They will not have to handle a huge volume of emails and physical checks.

3. Flexible Integration Option

You should invest in the accounts receivable technologies that have a flexible integration option. The A/R solutions with flexible integration can help you to use the software as per your needs and requirements. Nowadays, the various back-office system allows integration on a real-time basis. The integration of batch-file is still used in various types of organizations. The flexible integration of accounts receivable solutions with the back-office system can help in delivering good quality services to the customers.

Moreover, it will help in reducing the time for managing the accounts receivables and handling the accounting system. If you are still using the manual system for managing the cash flow of your business, then you cannot take your business to the next level of success. Time is one of the most precious things for all kinds of businesses. Therefore, you should utilize it efficiently and help in the growth of your businesses.

4. Agnostic Accounts Receivable

The Troveworks QuickBooks integration app is agnostic in nature and flexible enough. Usually, the banks are dependent on the dashboards or the third party. Therefore, it is your responsibility to properly manage inhibiting silos.

It is imperative to ensure that integrated accounts receivable solutions keep the accurate pace as per the needs and requirements of your company. If you choose the best accounts receivable solution, then it will reduce time consumption, expenditure, as well as frustration.

5. Different Payments at one Platform

You should prevent your business from the dashboard driven products that integrate feeds from different payment sources. These types of receivable solutions act as an impediment in the account receivable process. The dashboard driven products that integrate feed from different payment sources are known as silos. We recommend you to get the truly integrated accounts receivable solution that can support the processing and posting of different payments at just one platform.

6. Pay Attention to Security & Compliance

Data of any business plays a crucial in the growth of that company. The leakage of data can affect business growth and lead to huge losses as well. Therefore, whenever you invest in the account receivable technologies, then you should also pay attention to the security and compliance so that you can ensure the security of data. If the accounts receivable solution provider offers data security tools and compliance, then you do not need to worry about internal resources that can fulfill these requirements.   

Final Words

The latest technology inventions have improved various processes of the business. Similarly, the accounts receivable software has improved the payment collection process and encourage the cash flow in the business. The evolution of the accounts receivable process has reduced the time consumption, expenditure and also improved the growth of the company.

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