A journey of the Sweatshirts from Team Uniforms to Fashion Wear


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A sweatshirt is probably one of the most sought after pieces of clothing. It is simple, yet a useful clothing item; for the same reason, it can be found in the wardrobe of plenty of men. With its incredibly basic shape and construction, this clothing item can be worn by anyone including men, women, and children. The simplicity of the sweatshirts is the main reason behind their popularity. Perhaps, it is also the reason why college students and couch potatoes wear sweatshirts.

Sweatshirts as Team Uniforms:

Sweatshirts are generally made of thick cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester. The sweatshirts imitate the basic shape of the human torso, and they either cover wearer’s neck or head. Many athletic teams in high schools and colleges combine sweatshirts with sweatpants to create team uniforms, especially for their football or baseball teams. Athletic teams use those uniforms mainly during the practices and warm-up sessions.

An Economic Advantage of Sweatshirts:

The advantage of a sweatshirt, besides its simplistic nature, is that: It provides the wearer with a good amount of warmth relatively for a small price. This economic benefit of the sweatshirt makes it very appealing to the high schools and colleges athletic teams because they have very little financial support.

One Important Factor That Needs Consideration for Sweatshirts:

In the U.S. (United States), a large number of college students favour sweatshirts for daily wear, mainly because of the simplistic nature of this garment. There is one more factor that needs to be considered that is, screen printing of the sweatshirts.

Sweatshirts Mean Sports Spirits:

Many college students get their sweatshirts screen-printed to display their college names and mascots on them. At least, all college students own one sweatshirt bearing the name of their colleges to portray their spirit for the sports. Technically, there are subdivisions of the sweatshirts.

Subdivisions of the Sweatshirts:

Hoodies are sweatshirts with integrated hoods. Hoodies are mainly popular owing to their style. In sports, a hooded sweatshirt provides a player with additional warmth by protecting the head. Some of the hooded sweatshirts have hoods, while some of them come in the marketplace with zippers. There are also sweatshirts in the marketplace without hood and zippers. Sweatshirt with zippers may be quarter-zip, half-zip or full-zip. One great example of a quarter-zip sweatshirt without a hood is Jerzees 4528MR. It is one of the top-selling sweatshirts in the U.S.

Sweatshirts beyond Uniforms:

Besides being the uniforms, sweatshirts are also popular as fashion wear. You will often discover people wearing a sweatshirt as an ongoing fashion trend. To tell you some history about sweatshirts: Sweatshirts were baggy and long in the 1980s; for instance, the garment often reached to just above the knees of women. At that period, the sweatshirts were usually decorated with bright neon colors and bold designs. Comparing to 1980s, the sweatshirts that are used today are generally formfitting; and they sit either at or above the waistline. Decorations of sweatshirts are still popular; however, today, sweatshirts are available in more reserved colors. Today, sweatshirts are not as bold as they were 20 years ago. Last but not least, a sweatshirt is a popular piece of clothing among all genders today.

What Is a Sweatshirt and How Should One Wear It?

When it comes to fashion, then there is a unique piece of clothing that always get the attention of men and women. That piece of clothing is undoubtedly a sweatshirt. Sweatshirts are a blessing for those men and women who pick comfort over routine and are conscious about fitness. Some people think sweatshirt is a sweater; however, this is not the case. Let us discuss in detail: What is a sweatshirt?

What Is a Sweatshirt?

The insides of a sweatshirt are made of fleece, which is brushed to make a sweatshirt softer. Sweatshirts are either loose or oversized. Even though some people think sweatshirts fall under the category of a sweater, but it is a different type of clothing. The major difference between the sweatshirt and sweater is that: Sweaters are only worn in winter, while a sweatshirt can be worn in winter, as well as summer.

Purposes That a Sweatshirt Serve:

  1. Sweatshirt in the form of a hoodie is hooded sweatshirts so that sweatshirts can serve its use as a hoodie.
  2. Sweatshirt provides warmness to people in the winter.
  3. Sweatshirts are worn in summer as a fashion trend.
  4. Sweatshirts absorb moisture because of the lining that they have inside.
  5. Sweatshirts moisture absorbing feature allow men and women to perform their routine workout easily.

How Should Men and Women Wear Sweatshirt?

In the past, it was a perception of people that sweatshirt is only meant for doing the workout. Today, sweatshirts are not only worn as casual wear, but also as streetwear and formal wear. You can layer a sweatshirt in 2 different ways that are discussed below:

  1. When a Sweatshirt is Under the Other Piece of Clothing: You can use your sweatshirt for a casual look. Pair your sweatshirt either with chinos or denim and smart sneakers to look casual. You also have the option to layer your sweatshirt under a jacket or coat. Sweatshirts serve the purpose as casual wear with most of the suits; however, they look much appealing with bomber jackets, leather jackets, and varsity jackets.
  2. When a Sweatshirt is Over the Other Piece of Clothing: Sweatshirts can also be worn formally. For instance, you can wear a sweatshirt over a t-shirt with a dress pant to look formal. Sweatshirts come in different styles, such as quarter zip, half zip, and full zip; so, you have a variety of sweatshirts to choose from. We recommend that you choose the style, Comfort Color 1580; as this style suits both men and women.

Different Style of Sweatshirts

These are different ways to layer a sweatshirt. We have already discussed the styles of sweatshirts, now let us tell you: Which is the best style of sweatshirt? Among all styles of a sweatshirt, quarter-zip style is the most popular style, and the same style often becomes a trend in fashion.

Last Few Lines…

Hopefully, you now know a lot about sweatshirts. First of all, sweatshirts serve many purposes, and lastly: Men and women can wear worn sweatshirt in 2 different styles.

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