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What is Shopware? Short and sweet: Shopware is a shop system with which you can create your own online shop. It all started in Munsterland back then. Shopware was born in Germany in 2003, in beautiful Schoppingen to be precise, and has been on the market for over 16 years. Shopware has been open source since 2010.

Why Shopware is so popular?

In the last few years the interest in shopware has grown steadily. Shopware is becoming more and more popular among online retailers and developers and is now one of the most successful shop software on the German market.

We once asked people who experience Shopware up close every day why this is so:

  • Shopware is easy to use – anyone can create an online shop.
  • Shopware has a clean design. It just looks good and you can really make something out of it.
  • I think Shopware is also having such great success because it is easy to expand. With free text fields and plugins you can feel everything.
  • The backend is simple and intuitive. Even people with little experience get in quickly.
  • Shopware is a down-to-earth and personable company. Shopware is personal, genuine and has nothing in common with these clichéd, impersonal large corporations that you might think of in software companies.

Of course, we think Shopware as a Shopware agency is pretty cool. But it is also a fact that Shopware offers you exactly what you want from shop software:

Ease of use, a clear design, possibilities for expansion en masse, ideal performance and quality.

Shopware updates

Shopware is developing rapidly and so we are now at version 5.5.7 (as of April 19). The versions or updates differ based on the 3 numbers as follows:

  • Big updates = Shopware 4 to Shopware 5
  • Medium updates = Shopware 5.4 to Shopware 5.5
  • Small updates = Shopware 5.4.1 to Shopware 5.4.2

Shopware gets a little better with every update. Mainly it is about further functions, as well as SEO , security, performance & usability improvements.

The nice thing about the whole process is that the community can actively help determine which improvements are made in the next update.

The next big update is Shopware 6, in our wiki you will find all the important information about Shopware 6 !

Differences and advantages to other shop systems

Of course, Shopware has a lot in common with other shop systems, as it covers the standard features just compare to high Magento pricing, Presta, Shopify & Co. But small and subtle differences also make it special.

3 important advantages:

Shopware is a German product and is designed for the German market and its laws (keyword DSGVO).

  • Shopware is suitable for companies of all sizes.
  • Shopware is extremely flexible and can be easily adapted to your own needs.
  • Shopware represents the motto “make shopping an experience” and is in tune with the times when it comes to sales psychology and marketing trends. In order to stay true to its motto, Shopware is always up to date and is constantly developing the software.

Always optimizing the user experience is a science in itself. But Shopware does a lot of work for you. You just put your products in – done. Well, it might not be that simple. But don’t worry: Shopware attaches great importance to usability, so that the backend is very easy to use and extremely user-friendly. You can manage your products and your shop intuitively.

Shopware advantages for shop owners

The online shop system – or e-commerce system – Shopware offers exceptional features for shop operators based on the latest technology. We have put together the 7 most important advantages of Shopware for you in this blog post:


No more boring homepage! With the Shopware shopping worlds, you can create shopping experiences for your customers yourself – even without an agency . Any number of sales arguments and product information can be displayed for customers with a shopping world, such as article sliders, YouTube videos, banners or manufacturer sliders.


If you have products in different sizes or colors, you will be delighted with this function. Product variants are created in no time, which can have their own stock, price or availability status. In the clear listing, you can keep track of things even with a large number of variations. And the customer can click the desired product together on the product page.


Shopware blog

If you use Shopware, a blog system is integrated directly in the shop. In this way, you can inform your customers about products and companies quickly and easily.


Shopware statistics

Regardless of your analysis tool, the convenient evaluations in Shopware support you. In addition to a sophisticated and granular sales analysis, you will receive information about the content of the shopping cart or order cancellations.


With the integrated affiliate system (partner program) you can reward partner websites for referring to your websites.


Use the Shopware voucher system to promote sales. You can determine exactly how many vouchers, with what value, over what period of time or with what other frog totes discounts are provided.


The Shopware Community Store has over 500 useful plugins / extensions for your online shop. Thus (almost) every idea or problem can be solved.

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