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7 Top Websites For Law Students Which They Can Use For Research


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Law is an attractive career option with excellent opportunities for growth but a lot of hard work is required to pass a law course with flying colors. Aspirants hoping to join the top law firms in India or any other country must be meticulous in their research. This will help them not only in writing their papers but also later on when they start practicing. The best law offices in India look to hire professionals who can sift through voluminous data to find out that relevant piece of information that can help them convince a court to rule in their favor.

A list of the best websites for law students is being presented here which will be helpful to them in their research. 

1. Westlaw

Thomson Reuters, the mass media and information giant own Westlaw which is an online legal research service. It has an extensive collection of legal information which has been published only after going through rigorous screening by editors who are qualified lawyers. This ensures that the information being provided is genuine and correct. Students can also use the website’s on-demand legal research support to get assistance on an issue.

2. LexisNexis

LexisNexis possesses one of the largest legal databases in the world which can be accessed by law aspirants to prepare their research papers. It claims to collect information from more than 60,000 dependable sources and has engaged the best legal professionals and authors to provide guidance to users. People have the liberty to conduct searches in the manner they desire and they can search by keywords or use forms for the purpose.

3. The Lawyer Portal

One of the most useful virtual resources for legal aspirants is The Lawyer Portal, which is officially partnered with England’s bar council and the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). It has engaged lawyers and other experts in the field for content creation besides getting valuable input from top law firms. The service helps an aspirant at every stage beginning from filling application forms to choosing an appropriate career path.

4. LiveLaw

One of the most informative websites for law students is Livelaw which is considered by many in India as a reliable source of legal information. Students looking to make a successful career by joining the best law firms in Delhi, India must visit the website regularly. It contains the latest legal news from India and the world apart from columns by knowledgeable authors on a variety of subjects.   

5. Justia

Justia is an online encyclopedia with extensive information on all types of law. The service has one of the largest databases of legal cases in the world. Users of the website can access legal material and community resources for free. They can access the complete draft of laws, codes, and regulations in addition to well-written legal articles and blogs. 

6. Manupatra

One of the oldest and trusted online legal research and information resources in India, Manupatra provides high-quality content on various topics. It has an extensive library of content aggregated from Indian and international sources. All documents have backward and forward cross-referencing in addition to extensive hyper-linking which facilitates quick access to information.

7. Google Scholar

The last entry on our list is Google Scholar, a beneficial service by the search engine giant which lets users search scholarly literature from a single place. It provides access to books, academic journals, theses, reports apart from court opinions and patents. It is possibly the largest search engine for academic purposes in the world and can be a very useful resource for law students.


The above-mentioned websites for law students will help aspirants finish their courses with top grades paving the way for making a career with the best law firms in India or any other corner of the globe.

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