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6 Key Reasons Why You Should Embrace Sequin Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Girl Gang


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All eyes are set on you when you walk down the aisle on your wedding day. However, that does not mean your bridal squad does not deserve to shine a little, isn’t it? Why not add a little pop of sparkle on your ladies on the big day? Do you want to make your leading ladies shine with a hint of Old Hollywood glam? Give your girl gang some sparkle by outfitting them in sequin dresses.

Gorgeous and opulent, sequin bridesmaid dresses come in an array of colors and styles to match your bridal theme. With their glamorous vibes and timeless appeal, this trend has taken off in the bridal fashion industry.

Are you still undecided on whether to embrace this trend or to look for some other ones; we have listed a few reasons why you should go for sequin bridesmaid gowns for your upcoming nuptials.

  • Sequins are everlasting

If you follow history, you will come to know that sequins were always a famous fashion trend. From ancient pharaohs to iconic music groups, sequins had been adorned by famous people for thousands of years. Unlike other bridesmaid dress styles, chances are good that you won’t look back at your wedding pictures and recoil at what your girls are wearing. Elegant and timeless, sequin dresses are one of the safer trends you can rely on for your girls.

  • Helps to get a luxurious look

If there is any dress style that will make your girls look like a million bucks, it will be the ideal option for you. Embellished with luxe sequins, it can give a high-end look for less. Are you finding it difficult to believe? Check the plethora of collections online and their prices.

  • Differentiates your MOH from others

If you don’t want to deck all your girls up in sequins, consider outfitting your maid of honor (MOH) in a sequin dress while the rest of your bridal crew wears a different type of dress. It will be a superb way to make your maid of honor stand out and give her the special recognition that she deserves. Besides, you can take advantage of the mismatched dress trend. Ask all your maids to wear the same dress style and let them choose complementary colors within your wedding color palette. This bridesmaid with sequin dress will pop against other hues, creating a multi-dimensional look that’s on-trend.

  • An ideal pick for fancy wedding venues

If you are getting hitched in a gorgeous wedding venue, sequin bridesmaid dresses are the perfect fit for your girls. These dresses add glitz and glamour at the party and let your girls shine ravishingly. Even if your maids are not huge fans of the color you chose for them, they may have a change of tone if the dress is adorned with sequins.

  • A dress that you ladies love to re-wear

Many brides will swear up and down their maids will find ways to re-wear their bridesmaid dress. It is true, even in the case of sequin bridesmaid gowns. Whether it is a New Year’s Eve party or an evening gala, you girls would love to look at their wardrobe for the sequin dress and ensemble them in it.

  • Makes the dress color pop

Sequins have the miraculous ability to make any dress color pop. From ivory to dark green, bridesmaid dresses of every color will pop with a hint of shimmer. If you adore the rose gold bridesmaid dress trend, you would also love to wear rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses. They are a perfect match made in heaven.

So, what to wait for? Buy sequin dresses and let your ladies make a statement with this.

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