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5 Ways to Buy a Perfect Engagement Ring


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That special engagement ring for that one special person to whom you are about to bind to yourself for whole life. This is the only day in uniqueness of your existence on the earth. It starts a relation which may be was not there from birth but it is destined to stay longer than any other relation does.  You have to treat it with care.

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Engagement ring is the most important element of a marriage; it is in fact the vital precondition. This means you have to be eternally cautious while buying a ring for your partner. It should be made or chosen with all the individuality of that person in your mind.

Some ways can help you decide how to buy a perfect engagement ring

1. Start with the personality scrutiny of your partner

Above all the factors, the most important is your future better half. Usually when it comes to buying things for engagement and marriage, the cost factor comes in focus. However, for a ring, you need to remember what kind of person your partner is. Strong, calm, and forget not the complexion. The ring should match with her/his skin. This part cannot bear mistakes; your heart can give you better suggestions. Let it make you realise the right feel. Is she/he more interested in diamonds or pearl is the real charm.

2. Size should be perfect

Here you need precision and flawlessness. A very tight ring that denies to enter the finger can be a big mess at the engagement when people are standing in front to clap for the big day. Also, a loose ring that keeps slipping from the finger can be an embarrassment for your partner.

The challenge is, you cannot let your man/girl know that you want to take the size. This usually needs to be done secretly.


  • For sure, your partner has a close friend or may be many friends; ask them to get the exact size.
  • In case, you do not have any help then take a ring that can be resized later.
  • Take a standard size ring to propose to take the idea and then buy the right size later for the engagement. Nice tip! Right??

3. The budget talk – cut the dress according to the cloth

In place of spending too much on this aspect, your concern should be buying the ring within your budget limits. Don’t worry, there are many options on every price. Beautiful things are not the slave of price tags. They can be available on amazingly low cost. However, it is not bad to extend a little your financial limits to do things perfectly. People do that because to have a lifetime experience without any financial obstruction.

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There are plenty of deals available on unsecured personal loans for wedding that can easily fulfil your needs. But in case you have credit score issues, you need to apply online lenders that offer funds despite bad credit on instant decision. Just forget not to show a good current repayment capacity to qualify for funds.  

4. Find a jeweller – with UTMOST care

Find a jeweller with whom you can talk about countless things with comfort. Ask as many questions as you need. You may try to find the nearest one but do not keep limits. When the occasion is so grand and special, why not cover a few miles to get the perfect piece. Besides, the authenticity of the jeweller is another thing that you need to consider. Obviously, priority should be given to the well-known brands, in fact make a list and visit to all of them. You can take a clear decision when you know what is correct and where you can leave your trust to rest.

5. Do not forget to read the small print

The things like refund and exchange policies (in small prints) are most tricky and also mostly tricky. Do not buy before you completely understand the ‘terms and conditions’ exactly and as intended by the jeweller. You have no space to act careless on this aspect. Let nothing affect your rational approach. Decide what you want and on which price and on what conditions. Express it to the jeweller and see if you both can come to any common grounds. Usually the big and renowned brands succeed to treat the customers perfectly but the world is huge with countless human personalities. May be your future wife/husband has something unique in nature and that can make your shopping experience a little different. However, it is all fun.

The engagement ring is a circle of infinity of your love for your ‘about to be’ better half. Your decision on it, should be accompanied with all the precautions. Only then, it is possible to find out THE BEST ring. Agree? ALL THE BEST , if you too are on this same journey.

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