5 Things you should ask yourself Before Choosing a Mentor

5 Things you should ask yourself Before Choosing a Mentor


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One of the best ways to succeed in a given field or learn more about something is to find someone that has gone before you and has reached success with the same goal as yours. Your way will become easier to walk if you’ve someone who has already walked down that road and thus knows the hurdles in the way. This person can encourage, motivate, and guide you as a mentor. When choosing a mentor, you will want to consider a few things and tick some boxes to ensure the perfect fit. Here are a few things you should ask yourself before choosing a mentor.

Does he possess Relevant Experience?

You’ll find many self proclaimed experts everywhere on the internet. Well, most of them will be goats under the lion’s skin. So it becomes really important for you to identify a genuine lion like Brian Paes Braga and others in the crowd that will make your career better. Canadian entrepreneur Brian Paes-Braga serves as a Partner and Managing Director at Fiore Group, a leading merchant bank which builds, invests finances and advises firms in the natural resource, technology, food and beverage and entertainment sectors. Your mentor should have a track record of success in whatever they do. They should possess the relevant experience to help you out with the challenges you may encounter.

Do you admire this Person?

Your mentor should be someone to who you’ll look and get motivated to focus on your goal of achieving something that he has already achieved in his career. In this way, you will gain knowledge from the person. It’s really a waste of time if you walk down the road with someone you never really like someone whose success doesn’t encourage you.

Can this person have Good Communication with you?

Many people have succeeded in their lives but couldn’t able to convey their journey of reaching to their goals, and is the reason why they are unknown to others today. You have to make sure that your mentor is able to communicate in a manner that is convenient for you to understand and implement. For this, you’ll have to observe how he interacts with other people. Is he nice with others? Does he help others in the same field? There are many attributes to watch out for in your mentor to ensure that he communicates with you effectively.

Do your philosophies align his?

It might not match. Take a good overview of your mentor’s views on life and his ideas before committing. The probability of finding someone who exactly matches your philosophies of life is slim. It may or may not be a good for you. By having someone who has the same mentality of yours will help you in learning and focusing on life philosophies like determination and commitment. While having someone with a different mentality to that of yours may help you open your eyes about something. By having someone like this, you’ll be watching the world from a perspective which is quite fascinating and helpful. It’s your call to choose what you intend to achieve.

Does this person challenge you?

They should. Your mentor will help you learn new things from new perspectives. He should get to the root cause of your problems and able to solve them for you.

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