5 Reasons Golfing is good for your Business

5 Reasons Golfing is Good For Your Business


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Golfing is not just good as it seems for business, just because others play it for the trend of business. There are a lot of things to be learned from it. If you are into business and want to learn a few things outside the box, playing golf is the opportunity. Even if you play it just with yourself, it does not matter. And now to the main point, why do you think all business man play golf? Well, here are 5 reasons golfing is good for your business.

Learning your colleagues and clients:

That is a strong point to consider, as learning about your clients and colleagues will land you a lot of positive opportunities and other things to use. At the right time, these can be valuable resources for you. Playing golf also makes you more clean and clear on the side of the business among them. Now who doesn’t want that? Everybody does. So, play some golf in your free time.

You get to learn yourself:

You are never new to yourself. The best person you know is only yourself. But while playing golf, there are certain strains that fall on you. At game strategies, swings can be hard to hit. These are not always easy to do so. This will determine how well you take your decisions, how better you can sort them and make them right at the right time. Golf is completely a game of strategy and those strategies can be applied to business too. Play golf to learn about them and excel more in business. Simple as that!

An opportunity for marketing:

You meet different players in the ground during playing. Although you don’t know with whom you might end up playing. May be he is a marketing manager and you are a CEO. He might be just trying to impress you and turns out you like him. You want to use his product and appreciate him. Guess what he just brought one with himself for you. Well, such cases easily go on golf fields and it is simple place for marketing. Sometimes you can get the right marketers and products from them while enjoying a swing which shows the best application of the game till now in business.

Managing your stress:

You get stressed out or you want to fall in it, golf is the best sport for that. If you are dealing with a lot of stress, playing few swings can help you lighten the mood. And send you back into the atmosphere for business work. Else If you like to stress in, try for the first hit on a 160 yard long shot. Good luck.

Bond with your colleagues:

Bonding with your colleagues can be a lot of stress and that is no way to play golf instead of that. You can try that and ruin situations too. But playing with them can be an opportunity for relieving the stress and bonding with them, in a positive and more acceptable way. To learn more you should follow the expert players like Zack Creed and others. Zack Creed Oakville has spent his career in various teaching and management positions such as head pro and golf director.

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