5 Places to Add to Your Bucket List during Your Sichuan Wildflower Expedition Tour 1

5 Places to Add to Your Bucket List during Your Sichuan Wildflower Expedition Tour


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Sichuan is a magical land that is known for its stunning snow-capped mountain peaks, rushing rivers, deep valleys, dense forests, alpine lakes and many more. Diverse climates, complex landforms, and a huge gap in altitude made these possible. It is the core area of the Hengduan Mountains Range which has been listed as one of 26 hot spots for biodiversity.

Though people mainly come here for flower watching, there are lots of things to do during your Sichuan wildflower expedition tour. Here is a list of the places where you can visit during this trip.

  • Balang mountain

Balang mountain, is called Balangla in the Tibetan language. In Tibetan, it means, “the mountain of strange willows”. Situated at the very juncture of Xiaojin, Wenchuan and Baoxing counties, this mighty mountain is covered with snow all year-round. Going up the mountain, you can see different types of plants grow to adapt to the change in humidity, temperature, amount of sunlight and air pressure due to the change in altitude. Due to the change in altitude, you can see different types of birds here. This mountain is also the best destination for the beginners of mountaineering. It is only 3 hours drive from Chengdu and you don’t need to worry about getting lost in the mountains even without a guide.

  • Four sisters mountain

Named after the towering quadruplet, Four Sisters Mountain National park is composed of three major valleys, which cut into the eastern Hengduan mountain range. Noted for its blue sky, snow peaks, forests, white clouds, waterfalls, and alpine meadows, it is a scenic spot and dreamland for nature lovers. The chief attraction of this spot is the unspoiled natural beauty, especially the marvelous snow-capped peaks rising high-above the horizon against the backdrop of blue sky. Yaomeifeng (the youngest sister) is the tallest peak among the “four sisters” while the other three are lesser in height. And so the other “three sisters” are more popular among mountain climbers while Yaomeifeng remains almost insurmountable peak.

  • Mt. Zheduoshan

Situated 4298 meters above the sea level, Zheduoshan mountain is a crucial geographic boundary. West to Mt. Zheduoshan is the Qinghai Tibet Plateau while the east to Mt. Zheduoshan is the mountain area in Sichuan. Mt. Zheduoshan offers diverse habitats for the growth of alpine flowers at different elevation gap from the mountain foot to mountain pass. The large alpine meadows and alpine screes are the best places to search for wildflowers.

  • Yajiageng

Though it is a great place to search for the mountain flowers, Yajiageng is little known to most flower-watchers outside China. It is in this area, the renowned plant hunter called Wilson found Meconopsis integrifolia here for the first time about one hundred years ago. This stunning red rock screes coming down from the Gongga mountains are bonus attractions for anyone coming to this land.

  • Yading

Familiar as the 3 holy snow-capped mountains of Chenresig, it is located in the southwest of Sichuan and rising to 6032 meters while Chana Dorje and Jampelyang both raise to 5958 meters with clear rivers, forested valleys, abundant wildlife and glacier-fed lakes. The first westerner, who saw the area, was the famous American botanist and explorer Dr. Joseph Rock. The issue of National Geographic about Rock’s expedition gave the world its first pictures of the incredible beauty of the Yading area.

So, what to wait for? Book your wildflower photography expedition tour in Sichaun and enjoy the beauty of the land.

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