5 Excellent video editing software in 2020


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In general, there are now in 2020 lots of video editing programs that reach a very high level up to professional. The choices are almost endless and it is easy to get confused and choose the wrong one. I have tried several programs and myself and with a lot of research I came up with 5 very good choices that you can try even now.

1. Shotcut


The first video editing programs that I invite you to try immediately is Shotcut. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats thanks to the integration with FFmpeg and provides the ability to edit video frames by frame with absolute precision. Among the many features attached to the software, there is no lack of the possibility of processing videos in 4K and capturing videos from various sources as well as numerous effects to improve the audio of the movies, the possibility of adjusting colors, speed and other movie parameters and a wide range of video filters. Everything is enclosed in a very intuitive interface with the multi-track timeline.

2. Resolve DaVinci

Resolve DaVinci

Resolve DaVinci is another awesome program, which I have been using it for a long time and have many options and tools. This program is ideal for special color processing on video. It also offers multiple export and format options for custom platforms. It also has many audio and visual filters and color correction option which is very useful. The only downside I can find is that it lacks some tools from its paid version and that if you want to do something easy, there are simpler programs. 

3. Quik


The Quik app runs on Android, iPhone ( iOS ) macOS and Windows. It is a no-cost application developed by GoPro, the well-known company that produces action cams, which allows you to make videos and photo presentations with special effects, background music, and captions and to edit existing movies. What’s cool is that once you’ve chosen the videos and photos you want to use, Quik syncs the music, effects, and transitions in a matter of seconds. There are several templates ready to use any time you need. This app gives a professional result for editing in no time.

4. Magisto


If you want to edit an online video, you can use Magisto, a service that can only be used for a fee (with prices starting from $ 4.99 / month ) which, however, can also be used for free, following the creation of an account. It is also usable both on Android and on iOS and has a fairly intuitive user interface (designed to edit a video in a short time) without getting lost in advanced customizations. Various music and special effects are integrated so you don’t need to pick them up elsewhere to be able to apply them. The video will then be automatically created and you can finally download it or share it on your social networks.

5. FlexClip


FlexClip is a great choice for those who want to create videos for non-commercial use and for enjoyment with family and friends. It has a simple and clean interface and allows you to select the start and endpoints of the movie to be modified. It, therefore, does not offer particularly advanced functions but only does one thing and does it excellently. Anyway, if in addition to cutting online video you are also interested in adding caption texts to the video or a soundtrack, FlexClip is the ideal solution for you.

Final words

With these programs, you will surely be able to make the video you want. Some you could use as professionally as I do with youtube. It is best to try everything and choose the one that suits you best. Leave your comment telling you what you think about the apps and which one you use the most.

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