3 Warning Signs that Show of Engine Damage That You Should Not Ignore 1

3 Warning Signs that Show of Engine Damage That You Should Not Ignore


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The engine is considered to be the heart of your car. It offers the necessary power to your car that is needed to operate the car properly. While a functional engine ensures swift performance, a damaged or poorly functional one hurts its performance, as well as the car too. And so, the engine is one of the most costly parts of your car and replacing it needs a huge performance.

If your engine is out of order and the repairer told that there is no other option than replacing your engine with a functional one, then you have to do so. But the price can shock you. If you are not in a situation to invest a good amount for replacing your engine, then opt for recycled car engines that are offered by auto wreckers. They offer quality Nissan engines for sale. It comes at a cost-effective price. Besides, it will give a boost to the performance of your car.

But before you buy a recycled car engine, take a look at various signs that show that the health of your car engine is affected.

  • The check engine light turns one

Dashboard warning lights are a way through which your car alerts you about problems that it detects through its On-Board Diagnostics system. If Your Check Engine Light turns on, you must not dismiss it, as ignoring the issue may cause other damage to your engine. There are diverse things, which can trigger a check engine warning light. Some common reasons for a check engine light appearing include the oxygen sensor needs replacing, the spark plugs are damaged or worn and many more. If you notice any of the signs, then take steps immediately.

  • Your vehicle is making noises

If you notice a knocking sound coming from the bonnet, then be careful, as it is a classic sign that your car engine is not in a good condition. This noise could be caused by wear of damage to your engine’s mechanical parts including pistons, bearings or other moving parts. If you notice this type of noise, you should take care of a mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damage. Ignoring this sign may cause in your car breaking down on the side of the road, and a much greater repair bill.

  • Your vehicle produces oil patches

In case you notice puddles of oil under your car, it is probably a result of a leak in your engine. As the oil depletes, motor friction will occur in your engine and generate excess heat. Oil leaks are common from engine oil seals and sump plugs. It can cause damage to engine components over time. It is better to get engine leaks sealed as soon as possible.

Along with the mentioned ones, if you notice signs like smell odours from inside the car, the car is using more gas than normal or if there is smoke coming from your exhaust, then without waiting any more, opt for the reputable auto wreckersand buy recycled car engine as early as possible.

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