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3 Things to Memorise before Starting a Cloud Kitchen via a Meal Delivery App


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Have you noticed the continual rise of food delivery apps in Melbourne? If you want to stay in the cut-throat competition, the app is a necessary addition to business growth.

More customers, fast business expansion, reduced business costs… many more benefits await! However, the meal delivery app Melbourne also requires your attention to a few factors. If you are establishing an e-presence of your food business, remember to pay attention to the following things.

 Do not Need to Worry about Developing an App

Chefs, freelance cooks, cafés and restaurants are often found reluctant about starting a cloud kitchen. The main reason is the cost of developing an app. If you are also in the same dilemma, E-mycook has already got you covered.

The meal delivery app provides a platform for cooks and restaurants. With one tap, customers can find what they are looking for. On the other hand, you can use the money for app development to ameliorate the service.

Put Focus on the Delivery

As you are in charge of the delivery process and not the customer, a few things should be on your mind. Besides preparing delicious meals, how you execute the delivery is quite significant.

First of all, you need to understand which dishes need to be on the menu. Many restaurateurs and chefs feel obliged to present a spread. However, it might not be a necessity. You can simply put all your focus on one dish, and make sure it is delivery-friendly.

Several things go under consideration: the packaging process, the distance and whether the dish can travel well. For example, if you are offering sorbet or soup, test the delivery process. A trial would be an eye-opener.

As your aim is to maintain a chain of loyal customers, ensure a delightful customer experience.


Provide Real-time Updates for Customers

The meal delivery app is set to mark a whole new experience for customers. Making the app more interesting, E-mycook offers real-time updates.

On the page, “Order Details,” customers can find the following steps,

  1. Pending – The customer places the order but the cook is yet to confirm the order.
  2. Approved – The cook confirms the order request and the customer makes the payment.
  3. Cooking – The chef starts cooking after gathering dietary restrictions.
  4. Ready – The chef finishes cooking and is ready to deliver to the customer’s location.

This feature maintains a transparent service between chefs and customers. Also, customers can prepare themselves before receiving the order.

Do you think you can take care of these things? If yes, register  as a cook on the food delivery app Melbourne now.

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