3 Things to Check if You Want to Find the Best FHA Lenders in Houston 1

3 Things to Check if You Want to Find the Best FHA Lenders in Houston


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If you have started finding the best FHA lender before choosing the house, you are on the right track. The first thing you need to do is compare different lenders. This helps you choose a lender who is seemingly beneficial for your profile. After all, you cannot rely on any lender who offers you an enticing offer without checking your finances.

The passage to finding the best FHA lenders in Houston can be a cakewalk if you are ready to follow a few tips. While you are at finding a lender, you need to go over the loan programs, fees, and rates. As a first-time borrower, you might need extra help to deal with the situation. The article further informs you how you can successfully find a potential lender in Texas.

Let’s go through the indispensable tips mentioned below.

Check if You have the Capacity to Pay Back

Lenders take the borrowers’ income, savings, monthly debts, and employment history into account. They also review your financial obligations and credit card charges. This shows the lender whether you have the capacity to pay off the mortgage in the future. If you are not under financial pressure, the lenders can understand your capability to take on a home loan without much effort. Mortgage lenders for FHA programs often allow a DTI ratio of 50% or less.

Check Your FICO Scores

The FHA lenders allow borrowers who have at least 500 scores. If the credit is below 500, you cannot apply for the program. You can get hold of an FHA loan with a 3.5% down payment. However, such a small down payment is only accessible with at least 580 scores. When your credit score is between 500 and 579, lenders might ask you to put down 10% of the loan. Nowadays, lenders are on the lookout for better scores. Stay on the safe side by managing 600 or 620 credit scores. It is better to ask during the initial stage and watch out for stringent benchmarks.

Check for the Annual Percentage Rate

Buying a mortgage is not exactly a money-saving process but it can be. It is quite essential to run a comparison of APRs among the FHA lenders. Read over the loan estimate and collect information about the payment rate. The annual percentage rate is the base interest rate in addition to the loan fees. Lenders charge you with processing fees, origination fees, and application fees. Multiple borrowers overlook this step, but you should put a special focus on it. FHA lenders often gather profit from your interest rates.

When looking for the perfect mortgage lender, you also expect great service. From the right loan products to fast closing, a lot of things you would want to figure out. Keep the vital suggestions in mind, and you must remember to get pre-approved. Keep doing your research to get the best FHA lenders in Houston. The more you research for it, the better the process is likely to unfold. So, get started now!

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