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3 Off-Beat Places that can Make Yunnan Birding Tours more Adventurous


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Everyone should visit Yunnan once in life but the reasons may vary. If you are a fan of history, you can relish in the dynamic cultural diversity. The capital of Yunnan (Kunming) has clear air, unlike the urban cities, Beijing or Shanghai. So, the diversity of nature is sure to mesmerize anyone around. Most importantly, the city has gained much popularity for sheltering innumerable bird species.

Yunnan birding tours assure one-of-a-kind experience to every person seeking adventure and exquisite bird species. The crystal clear lake, snow-capped mountains, and green landscapes can calm down every confused mind. You may reap more benefits if you manage to include the off-beat places in the itinerary. Once you start treading the unique trails and traverse through the wild forests, you can gain a new life in return. Additionally, the native birds accompany the whole trip as well. So, go through the following section and learn about the lesser-discovered places in Yunnan.

Mountain Cangshan for Fulvetta, Finch, and Babbler  

Taking a beautiful mountain walk for approximately 30 minutes, you can immerse in the beauty of valley and lake. The area is still tucked away from the cacophony of the city environment and you can see various species of birds in one place. Additionally, the eye-catching azaleas bloom to enhance the magnificence of the place. Nevertheless, for the bird watchers, the mountain area shelters at least 300 species of birdies. During the morning stroll, a tourist can get a golden opportunity to identify the famous bird, Lady Amherst’s Pheasant. The list does not start and end with one because the area is full of Streak-Breasted Scimitar Babbler, Yunnan Fulvetta, and Elliot’s Laughingthrush.

Tengchong for a Diverse Natural and Bird Resources

Apart from the mild climate, another reason for the popularity of Tengchong is the volcanoes. The ancient volcanic city promises an exciting experience in the southwest corner of China. A well-recognized off-beat destination welcomes numerous foreign tourists per year. You can hike up a volcano and savor the local cuisine while roaming around the city. But do not forget about the rice elements of Himalayan avifauna currently present here. There are approximately hundreds of bird species, thanks to the wild forests. You can expect to come across rare animals and useful plants in the region.

Nabang for Various Native Species of Birds

Nabang is a unique area in Yunnan and you will come here after having a pleasant time at Laifengshan Mountain. When you have spotted Mountain Bamboo Partridge, Slender-Billed Oriole, and Brown-Winged Parrotbill, your expectation is likely to go up. Once you are in Nabang, you can spot Oriental Pied, Collared Myna, and White-hooded Babbler. Also, the chance of missing Black-tailed Crake and Blue-throated Bee-Eater is not scant. If you wish to discover the foggy lowland tropical forest, Nabang is definitely a matter of delight.

Doesn’t each place sound exciting? When you are reading to undertake a China birding tour, you will witness exotic birds and magnificent landscapes at the same time. So, book the tickets now!

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