Popular Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

3 Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses in Unexpected and Beautiful Shades


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Your best friend’s wedding is not only about her but it is also a day for you to look back. Devoting your heart and soul to make every arrangement (from little to big) successful, it is a special day for the bridal squad, too. To mark such a milestone in life, the celebration calls for an amazing dress! Something that will stand out in the crowd, something that will turn heads, and something like a mermaid dress.

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So, why not give a mermaid dress a chance? It is beautiful, sexy, and dramatic; moreover, it’s all the elements you need at a wedding. The dress perfectly fits around the hips and torso, and it flares to the floor. Resembling the fairytale character of a mermaid – you can feel appropriately enchanting like them. But which color to choose for such a beautiful silhouette? To see the light at the end of the tunnel, here are a few color choices exclusively picked for the mermaid dresses.

Pink for the Romantic Theme

Love is in the air at every wedding, and the bridesmaids should dress up for the occasion. The pink mermaid bridesmaid dresses have been making rounds for good reasons. Moreover, many of them love the shade, too! Such a sweet combination compliments the theme while spreading the romantic vibe all around.

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So, a pink mermaid dress is a lovely combination of elegance and sensuous. And the best part is that the design is available in lace, chiffon, and other fabrics.

Deadly Combo of Gold & Orange

For fall or winter weddings, the rise of orange is pretty remarkable. When girl gangs of other brides are mostly concerned about light blue or lavender, choose something non-traditional. Bright colors create a contrast when the bride drapes a long white gown.

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The deadly combination of mustard yellow and orange might get your squad featured in the local magazine, who knows? As the possibilities are endless, do not pass such an outstanding. In case you cannot find the perfect orange or yellow dress, put on a sparkly gold dress featuring the mermaid silhouette. It might look overwhelming at a glance but nobody can deny its powerful appearance.

Assorted Pastels in Mermaid Silhouette

Ah, the pastels! What is more pleasing to the eye than a group of lavender, blush, and light blue dresses? Contrasting to other wedding affairs, there is barely anyone who has seen a mermaid dress in pastels. If the bride gives the nod for a mix-and-match style, rush to the store straight away.

Mixing the aesthetics with the dramatic silhouette of a mermaid dress, sorbet hues are not bad. The palette is refreshing and is suitable for summer or spring weddings. Also, a rich burgundy or peach mermaid gown is apt for winter weddings too.

Since you have narrowed down the list of colors, it’s time to show your beautiful curves. Mermaid dresses offer the perfect chance to embrace your body and its flaws. Finding perfection in imperfection is called the secret sauce of life, right? To add a little bit oomph-factor in the outfit, check out the latest collection of sequin bridesmaid dressesnow.

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