3 Killer Tips to Land the Best Mortgage Rates in Houston 1

3 Killer Tips to Land the Best Mortgage Rates in Houston


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As you have figured out, mortgages are huge debts that you must pay back over a particular period. If you think qualifying for today’s lowest mortgage rate can save you, you are a little bit wrong. You are still going to have to pay thousands of dollars over the life of a loan.

But there is one thing you can do. You can follow a few tips and land one of the best mortgage rates in Houston, TX. The tips will also help when you plan to purchase a mortgage again. So, let’s go over the tips mentioned below.

Save for Down Payment along with a Cash Reserve 

While getting a mortgage, you must pay attention to the down payment. It is the percentage over the home value, and you need to pay it upfront. Most of the lenders expect you to pay at least 20%, but you can choose to make a larger down payment. If you can only afford a down payment of less than 20%, the lender might label you as a risky borrower.

There is another benefit of making a large down payment – the lender can offer a lower rate. You can also avoid private mortgage insurance. Usually, private mortgage insurance does not incur when you are able to pay down at least 20% of the loan. However, a 20% down payment can be difficult for many buyers. It is better to save for a cash reserve. Make sure you can pay off mortgage payments for at least months with the cash reserve.

Go for a Shorter Period

If there is a shorter repayment timeline, you can unlock a lower rate. The 15-year loans have a shorter interest rate than 30-year mortgages. If you check the rates, you can see the huge difference in the interest rates.

Of course, the monthly payments may be higher, but you can still save thousands of dollars with time. The low rate gradually saves a lot of money.

Nothing is More Important than Shopping Around

If you think every lender offers the same qualifying requirement and credit score eligibility, you are wrong. Once you start the research, you can find the vast differences. For this very reason, you should not get a quote from only one mortgage lender. You might be missing out on a more lucrative deal this way.

Nowadays, lenders can offer you a rough quote without going for a hard credit check. Make the best use of this opportunity, and get the quote online. Compare the quotes and find out the best mortgage rate.

The interest rates are once again on their way up. You can take action to improve your credit and have the lowest interest rate. Yes, you need to work for it, but the result will favor you in the long-term. Gather more details on how to get hold of the best mortgage rates in Houston. Remember to shop around before choosing your lender. So, get started now!

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