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3 Awesome Water Features Sydney That You Can Choose for Your Home


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When you hear the words “water feature”, what is the things that come to your mind? Do you envision a huge ornate reflecting pool with synchronised jets spraying in different directions? Or do you think of a small fountain that spouts water? Well, the possibilities are endless.

But when it comes to adding a water feature to your home, you find it difficult to decide what to incorporate? You may feel the same when visiting a shop that offers different types of water features Sydney. To make the task easier,

Here, we have listed down a few awesome choices for you –

  1. 3 tier bowls solar fountain

Do you want to add a small water element to your patio or balcony? Don’t you prefer conventional water features? Then, this 3-tier bowls fountain will be a great choice for you. The three tiny bowls enhance the aesthetic appeals of your patio. Besides, as the fountain is solar-powered, it does not add a cent to your electric bill. It is a one-time investment that will pay for itself in no time at all. Enjoy the low-cost benefits of having your own natural fountain.

  1. 3 tier solar bird bath

Want to sit on your patio and watch wild birds in your garden? Now, when it comes to welcoming birds to your garden, adding a bird bath will be at the top of your bucket list. Birds need water for drinking and bathing, and a bird bath can meet all these needs. This 3 tier bird bath uses the sun’s energy rather than electricity, and so, it is an eco-friendly and money-saving option for you. No extension cords, wiring, or outdoor electrical outlets are required. Besides, there is no limitation as to where you can place a solar bird bath in your garden. As long as there is the sun, it will work.

  1. Copper wall fountain

Looking for a copper water fountain with a unique look? Go for this abstract copper wall fountain. Unlike the standard wall fountains, copper water fountains offer an elegant and timeless look for your space. Although copper gives a water feature that “old world” feel, it works for modern spaces as well. Although aesthetic can be the main reason for choosing a copper wall fountain, a major benefit of this material is its natural anti-microbial nature. It helps limit any bacteria from growing on the surface, even with constant exposure to moisture. When you want to go the extra mile, this water fountain will be the ultimate choice for you.

Besides the mentioned ones, you have ample choices, including Aegean fountain, Alaskan stream fountain, Amore fountain, Amphora fountain and the list will go on. Consider your needs and budget, and then opt for a reputable shop that offers bird baths and fountains Sydney, and buy the desired product from them.

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